Swiss League

Head coach Dany Gelinas explains that an uncomfortable situation arose in the locker room following the first news about the new project.

The new Sierre project guided by Chris McSorley and his group of investors is launched and it is causing uncertainties within the first team of HC Sierre, especially among the players with an expiring contract: "The guys are talking about it and asking a lot of questions. All of these open questions are distracting the locker room" confirms Dany Gelinas to Le Matin.

"All we can do is try to focus on our job on the ice as best we can. We have no control over what happens off the ice" continues Gelinas, who also has to deal with the uncertainty regarding his expiring contract: "The first discussions about a renewal started at the end of 2020. Then in the last few months, I haven't heard anything at all."

( 18 November 2021 | lle )