Swiss League

After winning the derby against HC Sierre 4-2, the players and staff of EHC Visp met their fans for a twenty-minute train ride home.

The whole team on a train home, together with about 100 fans who supported the team in Sierre. According to CEO Sébastien Pico, the initiative by the club did not pose a risk in times of the Coronavirus: "All players and coaches are vaccinated. And on the train, everyone is wearing a mask," he explains to Le Nouvelliste.

Le Nouvelliste accompanied the team during the twenty-minute train ride back to Visp on which the players and coaches posed for photos with the fans and talked with them about the game. Coach Per Hånberg also sent a clear message to their opponents. When asked by a fan just before boarding the train, when they will win their next title, he answered: "2022!"

( 16 September 2021 | tme )