Swiss League

Thanks to the federal à-fonds-perdu funds and to a strict cost-cutting policy, the club did not present a financial loss at the assembly.

Not only EHC Winterthur was able to avoid a financial loss following a season marked by ghost games, but they surprisingly managed to present a profit of almost CHF 50'000.- to the ordinary shareholders' meeting, Der Landbote reports.

The positive result is mainly due to the budget cuts, which on one hand helped the club financially, but on the other hand, undermined the sporting ambitions of EHCW. The budget for the season amounted to 1.85 million francs (already half a million less than in the previous year), however, only 1.5 million francs was spent, sparing 400'000 francs in player salaries alone.

For the coming season, the budget of EHC Winterthur will amount to two million francs and the club ambitiously expects an average of 900 fans per match as explained by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Rolf Löhrer: "I hope that we can attract more spectators to the arena with our performance and commitment".

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