Swiss League

This number might also be further reduced once the Swiss League team receives the financial aid promised by the state.

HC La Chaux-de-Fonds

According to Arcinfo, HC La Chaux-de-Fonds was also able to save money by reducing their payroll from CHF 1.75 to 1.3 million and cuts on "ancillary" costs such as apartments/cars. In total, HCC saved CHF 1.1 million on expenses.

They have, however, also used most of the first Covid-19 loan (CHF 500,000). The other loans related to Covid-19 (CHF 1.4 million) have not yet been used.

As for the future, the club's budget will be increased from CHF 3.514 million to CHF 4.4 million. Of that, CHF 1,6 million is put aside for the team's payroll. "This does not mean that all the money will be used," president Olivier Calame states. "Our team manager is still on the lookout for opportunities that may arise on the market."

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