Swiss League

The CEO of the Swiss League team will thus not work together with Urban Leimbacher come October 1.

HC Thurgau loses Thomas Imhof

According to the Thurgauer Zeitung, Thomas Imhof handed in his notice at the end of April. There are rumblings that his notice period is only three months. If that turns out to be true, HC Thurgau might thus have to function without a CEO from July to October.

HC Thurgau announced at the beginning of April that they had hired Urban Leimbacher, who is currently the CEO of EHC Winterthur. The two men were supposed to be the new executive board of the Swiss League team.

Whereas Imhof would have focused more on the youth section of the team, Leimbacher was supposed to look after the sportive side of things as well as the marketing of the Swiss League team.

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