National League

mt_ignoreAs La Regione reports, the Kloten Flyers confirmed before the start of today's game against HC Ambrì-Piotta that they will not extend the contract of Thomas Bäumle, who had been with the Flyers since September.


The 31-year-old goaltender had been signed by Kloten as an injury replacement for Luca Boltshauser but only appeared in one game for them. As for Boltshauser, according to the same source, the 22-year-old netminder will return to the lineup on Tuesday. (mso)

UPDATE As the Neue Zürcher Zeitung reports, Luca Boltshauser will be the backup goaltender on Tuesday for the Flyers. However, for the weekend games, he will join partner team EHC Winterthur to gain some game experience. In return, EHCW's Remo Oehninger will join the Flyers and serve as Gerber's backup for those games. - 29 November 2015, 10:25 PM