National League

The contract of netminder Thomas Bäumle with the Kloten Flyers is expiring at the end of the month. With Luca Boltshauser back in training, it seems as if the goaltender's deal could not be extended.

Photo Robert Hradil / RvS Media

As Flyers' Pascal Müller tells La Regione, there is a clause in Bäumle's deal, which makes it possible to renew the contract every month and that Kloten will decide on Wednesday if the goaltender is being kept on for another term.

It will all depend on whether or not Boltshauser has already fully recovered from his shoulder injury and is ready to return to the Flyers' line-up soon. Bäumle has started one game so far for the Flyers - the Swiss Ice Hockey Cup game against HC Ajoie. (lcu)