National League

Pär Arlbrandt will likely leave EHC Biel and Switzerland at the end of this season. In an interview with the Journal de Jura, the Swede explains that the situation for him and his family is just a bit better in Sweden.


"Yes, I will likely return to play Sweden for the next season. Though, in this buisness one should never say never", says the 32-year-old forward. "It has to do with my family, it is not because of EHC Biel. [...] The situation is simply better for us in Sweden."

Niklas Olausson, one of Arlbrandt's best friends, might follow the forward's lead but does not exclude the possibility of staying in Switzerland: "I have several options to choose from, particularly in the KHL and in Sweden. However, I also like the hockey in Switzerland, thus I could very well see myself staying."

Arlbrandt and Olausson joined Biel in 2014 and had an immediate impact with the Seelanders. Arlbrandt has appeared in 72 games for Biel, scoring 60 points (31 goals, 29 assists). Olausson, on the other hand, has played in 59 games, putting up nine goals and 36 assists. (mso)