National League

The same applies to Juha Vuori. Martin Steinegger and Anders Olsson will take over the coaching duties for the remainder of the season.

"Unfortunately, the current results [...] gave us little confidence that we could achieve our minimal goal, the play-ins, without some changes in the coaching staff," Stéphanie Mérillat, co-president of EHC Biel, states. "Unfortunately, our chase to catch up [...] came to an abrupt halt which left us with no choice but to make some changes."

Petri Matikainen has been the head coach of EHC Biel since last summer, it was his first season coaching in Switzerland. The same applies to his assistant Juha Vuori. The two had previously worked together for several seasons in Austria.

While Steinegger and Olsson will thus coach EHC Biel for the remainder of the season, the Seelanders will look for another head coach for the 2024-25 season.

( 25 February 2024 | mso )