National League

Discussions are currently underway between politicians and Swiss ice hockey authorities, but there are several obstacles in the way.

A topic of discussion for several years now, it would seem that now something is actually moving. The National League is currently considering the introduction of a salary cap - in the form of a limit on the club's overall wage bill, a cap on individual salaries, or a combination of the two, but there are legal obstacles on the way, such as contractual and economic freedom.

"The application of a salary cap and the introduction of an imposed transfer period raise several questions, particularly from a legal point of view" explains Joël Vanvlaenderen, notary and lawyer specializing in sports, to 24 heures.

As Denis Vaucher, CEO of the National League, tells the same source, they are in discussion at the political level to obtain the legal basis, but the process is still very long and could take a few years. In any case, the proposal would eventually still have to be submitted to the National League's Board of Directors, where not everyone agrees.

According to 24 heures, twelve out of fourteen clubs are in favor of introducing a salary cap, while two are against it, one of which is the ZSC Lions. In addition to the two clubs, however, also the agents are openly against a salary cap: "For me, it makes no sense to accept a salary cap because it goes against the well-being and comfort of the players. In Switzerland, the current system works and players aren't overpaid. We have to stop trying to revolutionize everything" states Gaëtan Voisard, president of The 6ix Sports Leadership.

( 01 December 2023 | lle*ech )