National League

Klaus Zaugg (Watson) reported yesterday that the 27-year-old forward had caught the eye of EHC Biel. Kneubuehler is, however, not in a hurry to make a decision.

"It's clear that having the opportunity to go there would be a very good move," Johnny Kneubuehler tells the Journal du Jura. "But I haven't decided anything yet, and staying in Ambri is also an option."

Martin Steinegger, team manager of EHC Biel, was also asked about Zaugg's report by the Journal du Jura. He was not willing to disclose anything regarding Kneubuehler (and Dario Allenspach for that matter): "One is a player from Ambri and the other from Zug, and they don't have a contract for the next championship."

He was also not willing to comment on whether Kneubuehler's teammate Michael Spacek might be an option for them next season. It thus remains to be seen, who Steinegger will sign for the 2024-25 season.

( 28 November 2023 | mso )