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The former defenseman ended his career back in 2019 and has been serving as an assistant coach for the Lakers ever since.

SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers

Sven Berger will succeed Vjeran Ivanovic who will step down from his position at the end of April 2024. "Sven is the ideal choice for us to succeed Vjeran Ivankovic, to whom we sincerely thank for his commitment. Vjeran has done valuable development work for us over the past nine years," CEO Markus Bütler states.

Berger has signed a three-year contract with the SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers and will start his new position on May 1, 2024.

There are also some changes that will take place at the end of September: Thomas Imhof, CEO of the Lakers Nachwuchs AG, has decided to step down. He will not be replaced by one person. Instead, his tasks will be divided among several people who currently work within the organization.

( 19 September 2023 | mso )