National League

Joël Vermin and new acquisition Patrik Nemeth will wear the "A" on their jersey this season.

Joël Vermin

After three years, Tristan Scherwey and Ramon Untersander will not be the assistants of captain Simon Moser anymore. The new assistants will be Swiss forward Joël Vermin (in Bern since 2022) and Swedish defender Patrik Nemeth.

"We want the new players to take responsibility right away - and at the same time it is important that the existing core will continue to lead the team," explains SC Bern's head coach Jussi Tapola.

The extended leadership group consists of nine players: Dominik Kahun, Samuel Kreis, Romain Loeffel, Daniel Manzato, Tristan Scherwey, Ramon Untersander as well as captain Moser and assistant captains Nemeth and Vermin. "This group carries the team. I expect all of them to lead and take responsibility," Tapola states.

( 13 September 2023 | lle )