National League

The EVZ Gruppe, the EVZ Holding AG, as well as the Eissportverein Zug will be able to present a profit at the general assembly.

The EVZ Gruppe generated revenue of CHF 35,305,710 and an annual profit of CHF 596,553. The EVZ Holding AG closed its year with a profit of CHF 14,839 and the Eissportverein Zug with a profit of CHF 18,842.

As for next season, as for the men's side of things, sponsorship revenues are almost at the previous year's level. For the Women & Girls program, an amount of around CHF 1.2 million was originally budgeted, but it is now a little under CHF 1 million. In total, sponsorship money of almost CHF 750,000 was generated for this program. Zug expects that the women's team will be able to support itself by the 2024-25 season.

( 04 September 2023 | mso )