National League

As EV Zug's CEO Patrick Lengwiler tells the Luzerner Zeitung, their recent roster was CHF 1.5 million more expensive than the championship team.

"The increase was necessary because Hofmann and Geisser returned unplanned from North America," Lengwiler explains the higher cost of their squad this past season. They now want to get back to the cost from the seasons before: "In 2021 and 2022, we became champions with a cheaper squad. Money isn't everything, otherwise other clubs would already have many trophies in their showcases."

The ticket prices will also be increased next season, Lengwiler confirms: "That's right. The increase is moderate and is in the single-digit percentage range. (...) It can't be avoided. We have to bear higher operating, energy and security costs."

EV Zug might also have to pay security costs of a total of CHF 80,000 for two public viewings on public ground that have been organized by fans of the ZSC Lions during the final series in 2022. EVZ, however, has filed appeals against the fines. "The meetings were authorized in each case. We as a club couldn't do anything about it," Lengwiler says.

( 03 May 2023 | tme*ech )