National League

With his five-year contract with the ZSC Lions expiring next summer, Hollenstein has started looking at options for his future, Watson reports.

What the future holds for Denis Hollenstein is not known at the moment. What is clear, however, is that neither the ZSC Lions nor EHC Kloten (his formative club) seem to be particularly interested in signing him to a contract.

Sven Leuenberger, team manager of the Lions, reveals that he has already been contacted by Hollentein's agent but explains that it is way too early for contract talks: "After all, we don't even know if Denis Malgin will return next season, and by increasing the number of foreigners we have new options."

For his part, Kloten's president Mike Schälchli states that there are no negotiations at the moment. Furthermore, there would be no interest at all in bringing back Hollenstein. This is because Kloten aims at becoming a young, dynamic hockey club, which gives the talents from the junior organization a real chance.

In his career, Hollenstein collected 458 points (171 goals) in 626 games with EHC Kloten, Genève-Servette HC and the ZSC Lions. He also took part in several editions of the World Championship and the Olympics with the Swiss national team. Last season, the 32-year-old recorded 43 points in 61 games.

( 17 August 2022 | lle )