National League

In a video conference, the clubs of the National League have decided to continue the season within the framework of the current requirements.

Monika Majer / RvS.Media

Even though no less than five teams are currently in quarantine, an interruption of the championship "would not make any sense from a sporting or economic point of view," the league's statement reads. This is also due to the tight schedule and the Olympic break in February.

The clubs are willing to play as many regular season games as possible. There are, however, some changes: the standings will now be based on the principle of "points per games played". Moreover, to reduce the workload on the players, the minimum size of a team to play a game has been increased from 12 players + 1 goalie to 15+1.

The clubs also emphasize their willingness to play all playoff-series in a best-of-7 mode (pre-playoffs in best-of-3) - "if possible".

( 30 December 2021 | tme* )