National League

Until December 31, the Lions' head coach can decide whether he prefers to stay with the club for next season or not.

Monika Majer / RvS.Media

Rikard Grönborg is still under contract with the ZSC Lions until 2023. However, he has the ability to leave a year earlier than that if he wants to - there is an out.-clause, to be activated by December 31.

To Blick, the Swedish head coach states that he has not yet thought about a departure. "I am sure we will have a conversation before that. I want to make sure that the club also thinks I am doing a good job. I am not here just to collect my salary. I want to ask these questions before I decide." Grönborg also mentions that he loves the Lions.

From the club's side, they are fundamentally satisfied with their coach. "It is Rikard who has an exit clause and he has to decide if he wants to pull it", Sven Leuenberger comments. The team manager states that he was a bit surprised Grönborg wanted to talk about his future.

( 05 December 2021 | esi )