National League

Expressen reported a bit over two weeks ago that several National League teams are interested in Växjö's Sam Hallam, among them EHC Biel.

"I don't know where that came from," EHC Biel's team manager Martin Steinegger tells the Bieler Tagblatt. "We have a coaching staff with which we are extremely satisfied. Initial talks have taken place and we are interested in extending their contracts. So I would not put money on Sam Hallam coaching in Biel next season."

Speaking of extensions, several players are on expiring contracts and Martin Steinegger would certainly like to keep several, Fabio Hofer being one of them. The Austrian will not count as an import player in the future despite the changes the league made in regard to the status of foreign-born players playing with a Swiss players' license.

According to the Journal du Jura, there are rumblings that Mike Künzle will likely extend his contract with the Seelanders. Yannick Rathgeb, for his part, told the Bieler Tagblatt in October that he is in no rush to make a decision about his future. While his decision is still pending, he also told the Journal du Jura that he could imagine staying in Biel.

Several Swiss League teams are interested in Elien Paupe, who is also at the end of his contract with the Seelanders. While he also has yet to make a decision, Martin Steinegger would understand if the 26-year-old goaltender would leave the team: "Maybe it would be the best thing for the rest of his career? In any case, I could understand his decision if he wanted to leave us to play elsewhere."

( 13 November 2021 | mso )