National League

HC Fribourg-Gottéron's team manager/head coach Christian Dubé does no longer count on the 30-year-old forward.

HC Fribourg-Gottéron

"With my agent, we are looking for a solution. I think this is also what the club wants," Yannick Herren tells La Liberté and adds that the Dragons "don't necessarily count on me anymore. [...] What I want is to play."

Christian Dubé already told La Liberté on Tuesday that Herren "does not deserve to play." In today's edition of the newspaper, he doubles down on that: "Yannick has already received enough opportunities to prove his worth. It's his involvement in the game that is the problem. He has too little impact at 5-on-5."

It will not be easy to find a new team for Herren, as he has still one and a half years left on his contract with the Dragons. Also, Dubé is not willing to let him go without another player replacing him: "Our contingent does not allow us to lose a player without compensation."

( 04 November 2021 | mso )