National League

With 12 defeats in 17 games, SC Bern's Chief Sport Officer is not happy with the start of the season. But coach Johan Lundskog is safe for now.

SC Bern

It is not the fact that the SCB loses games, but it is how they lose these games which concerns Raeto Raffainer: "We gave away the game in Fribourg: purely our own fault, no discussion. The performance against Davos: without emotion, unacceptable, no discussion," he says in an interview with the Berner Zeitung.

Although Raffainer describes the system of head coach Johan Lundskog as "maybe too complicated for our current situation," making a change on the coaching position is currently no option for him: "The players have to stand together, address this problem. We will not solve it for them with a change of coach anymore."

Before he wants to talk about Johan Lundskog, Raffainer says that there are five or six measures that he will take before firing the Swede. One option might be a trade: "A trade is a measure that helps the team more than a change of coach," Raffainer is sure.

( 26 October 2021 | tme )