National League

According to the Südostschweiz, the National League team had to take out an emergency loan to cover the deficit.

HC Davos also received money from the confederation in the form of ‘à-fonds perdu’ subsidies. As the subsidies are based on the revenue from ticketing in the 2018-19 season, HC Davos was only awarded CHF 1.4 million, the lowest amount in the National League.

However, without the subsidies, HC Davos would have had to deal with a deficit of over CHF 5 million. Still, as they were forced to take out a loan, HCD will now have to see how they will bring the club back on its feet.

The first steps to reach said goal have already been made: team manager Jan Alston had CHF 1 million less in his budget for his roster. HC Davos will also receive CHF 150,000 from the Canton of Graubünden.

However, that will not be enough. CEO Marc Gianola will have to ask their shareholders for a capital increase. It remains to be seen if the increase will be high enough to cover the remaining deficit.

( 21 September 2021 | mso )