National League

After a financially rough year, Langnau closes the past season with a deficit of CHF 1,02 millions. Without the help from fans and sponsors it would have been much worse.

The SCL Tigers have had a rough financial year.

"We are glad that the deficit because of the COVID-19 season could be reduced to one million. This is due to the fans and sponsors who have foregone payments, saving us millions. And due to austerity measures by the club", Tigers' CEO Simon Laager says.

Moreover, the clubs survival was secured by federal subsidies and wage sacrifices by the players. The medium- and long-term consequences for the club, however, will only be measurable in a couple of years, Laager says.

Furthermore, as the SCL Tigers announce, they will be able to build a second ice rink and an athletic center as of autumn 2023. The modern training facility will be used not only by the Tigers' organisation but by other sport associations from the region.

The costs for this project (CHF 15 to 18 millions) will be taken over by the "Ilfishalle Sport & Event AG", which is in possession of Pia and Peter Jakob.

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