National League

The 25-year-old wants to find a new home in the National League. There are contacts with newly promoted HC Ajoie, but also with EHC Biel.

Marc Aeschlimann: Ajoie or Biel?

Due to their promotion to the National League, HC Ajoie has become an option for Marc Aeschlimann. "When Ajoie clinched their promotion, I asked my agent to re-launch contacts. For now, we're at that point," the forward confirms an earlier report by Klaus Zaugg (Watson) to the Journal du Jura.

Another option for Aeschlimann might be EHC Biel. "I contacted his agent about him," EHCB's team manager Martin Steinegger says to the same source. Aeschlimann, however, would have to be patient: "As long as the uncertainty about Janis Moser's future is not resolved, we will not make any decisions."

Marc Aeschlimann, actually a forward, has also been playing in defense during his career. "If I have to play defense to stay in the National League, I'm ready to do it," he says.

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