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The 32-year-old talked to Reto Kirchhofer (Berner Zeitung) about criticism, coaches and changes.

Bern's team manager has some things to say

SC Bern's season was terminated by EV Zug last Friday. Florence Schelling states that the conclusion was satisfactory, despite the disappointment: "Here, people are used to going higher and further. But we must not forget the back story: Corona, game postponements, mammoth schedule, quarantine again before the pre-playoff, two trips to Davos in a week when our quarterfinal opponent had a game off. These factors should not be underestimated."

Asked about criticism, the former goalie mentions that she faces it in a similar way as being scored on. In her first year as the Bears' team manager, she has received her fair bit of said criticism, for example, the hiring of Don Nachbaur as head coach. "I learned a lot during this process. The fact that Don was able to sell himself so well in the talks made me realize later: I probably should have questioned this and that more."

Her CEO, Marc Lüthi, also has similar things to say about Nachbaur. "I should have hired another coach in the spring. When we chose Don Nachbaur, the financial aspect was the main consideration. But we also let him pull the wool over our eyes."

After Nachbaur was let go, Mario Kogler took over. He will return to his previous position as U20-coach. However, if he wants to leave, he will be allowed to. "We will definitely not put any obstacles in his way", Schelling mentions. Regarding the main squad, she hopes to be able to announce the new coaching staff soon.

Bern's current roster will see some changes over summer. So far, there are mainly departures. Questioned about that, Schelling states that she has to cut corners by a million. "The wiggle room is minimal."

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