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All employees, including players, with a salary of over CHF 48,000 have agreed to a wage deduction, ranging from a 7.5% to a 25%.

Raphael Diaz

Due to the reduced capacity of the arena (the maximum number of viewers allowed is 3800, which corresponds to 53% of normal capacity), revenues from ticketing and gastronomy revenues will be significantly reduced and additional costs for the implementation of the protection concept will be incurred. Therefore, for the 2020-21 season, EV Zug expects a loss of about CHF 4-5 million.

For EVZ's CEO Patrick Lengwiler, drastic savings on all fronts are thus unavoidable: "In recent years, we have been operating profitably, which is why we are taking over a large part of the loss as a company ourselves. However, we cannot bear the entire loss of 4-5 million francs without the support of our employees."

"In order to ensure the continuation and safeguarding of the company," continues Lengwiler, "all permanent employees have therefore agreed to a wage waiver. It is the employees who make a company and represent it. We have strong employees in all areas and thus also a strong EV Zug."

( 24 September 2020 | lle )

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14 October 2020
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