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In an interview with Le Matin, Laurent Strawson says that he is sure that the new season is not going to start on September 18.

Geneva's president does not want to start in September.

"The start of the season will be postponed, there is no doubt in my mind," Strawson says. He believes that the risk is too high with the current situation: "If a second wave is confirmed and we have to stop everything after playing 15 games in front of 1,000 people, we won't be any further. Neither financially nor in terms of sports."

«The start of the season will be postponed, there is no doubt in my mind»
Laurent Strawson

Since Thursday, the twelve clubs of the National League have been discussing the situation in a sort of two-day "emergency meeting" behind closed doors. Moreover, the league assembly in August has been moved up to mid-August, Strawson says.

For Strawson, starting the hockey season in September is generally too early: "We at GSHC believe that the hockey season should start in October in the future," he says to Le Matin. "In September, it's still hot and people don't necessarily want to get into a hockey arena."

( 31 July 2020 | tme )
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