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The forward contacted the Canadian news outlet La Presse in order to deny the report of Sport-Center (published on 24 heures).

Will or won't Weise play in Lausanne?

Lausanne HC will announce two more signings of (former) NHL players once their season is over, Sport-Center reported this week. One of them, according to Jérôme Reynard, will be Montreal Canadiens forward Dale Weise. However, the forward denies the report.

"There is no agreement. I am here and focused on the playoffs. I'm aiming to play in the NHL next season [...] and sign a new contract with the Canadiens," Dale Weise tells La Presse. His agent Allain Roy also denies the report, stating that they are waiting to see what his client's options will be for the next season.

In reaction to the article, the writer of the original report, Jérôme Reynard took to Twitter and added: "Dale Weise denies the rumors but, at the same time, comments on two LHC Instagram posts with 👍🏻 and 🔥. Why not..." As they say in the Romandie: affaire à suivre.

( 30 July 2020 | mso )
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