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To help out the club during the crisis caused by Covid-19, the Grenats' players will take less money in the upcoming season.

Salaries will not be too much of a grasp for GSHC

As the financial trouble caused by the virus also affects the world of sports, the players of Genève-Servette HC have decided to help out their club. They will voluntarily waive parts of their salary.

"We are all aware of the current situation. If a club is facing hard times, it is always necessary that the employees make an effort for the good of the enterprise. I came to Geneva at the age of 15, and I have GSHC to thank for everything I have in my life. Therefore, it was natural for me, as well as for all the other players of the club, to show solidarity", captain Noah Rod states.

"In the name of Genève-Servette Hockey Club, I would like to thank all the players for their gesture of solidarity", the club's president, Laurent Strawson, comments. "We wanted this issue to be resolved before the start of the season so that the players could have their heads together for next year. GSHC is proud to be able to count on the exemplary nature of its players."

( 08 July 2020 | esi* )
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