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The Swiss League team is interested in a collaboration with EHC Biel.

EHC Biel

EHC Biel's team manager confirms to the Journal du Jura that the Ticino Rockets have approached them about a partnership. While he thinks that they are an "interesting team", the geographical distance to Biasca would cause some problems.

"It quickly becomes complicated, especially for our youngsters to be able to continue their studies in our region," Steinegger elaborates and adds that it would thus be difficult to set up a collaboration.

While they place their young players in other Swiss League teams at the moment, he acknowledges that at some point, they will have to think about working together with or setting up a farm team, as they will otherwise not be able to guarantee to find a solution for every player coming in.

( 04 June 2020 | mso* )
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