National League

As reported by Watson, the League is concretely working towards the implementation of a salary cap that will regulate the salaries.

The National League might soon introduce a soft salary cap.

The upper limit of this salary cap will probably be CHF 7 million, while the lower limit will be CHF 5 million. Those clubs that would not be able to lower the players' wages under the upper limit, would become the target of a so-called "luxury tax", which is then divided among the clubs that are able to adhere to the upper limit, similarly to what happened in the KHL until this past season.

A concrete proposal is to be submitted for voting by the league meeting in August. With a simple majority, the introduction of the salary cap from the 2021-22 season is possible but requires a two to a three-year transition period. The salary cap would therefore probably only become legally binding for the 2024-25 season.

During the league meeting in August, also a regulation, i. e. an increase, of the number of import-players will be discussed and probably voted on. This measure, together with the salary cap, would also serve as a way to lower the salaries paid by the clubs.

( 14 May 2020 | lle* )