National League

In their first season back in the National League, they managed to generate a profit of CHF 166,684.

The Lakers had a solid financial year

According to the Südostschweiz, the surplus would have been even higher if they did not have to cover additional costs of CHF 830,000 due to their pension fund being underfunded. However, they still managed to generate a profit, albeit mostly due to their successful Swiss Ice Hockey Cup run.

As for advertising, they hope to generate more money out of this area than they did in the 2018-19 season. While they still made CHF 3.1 million, they had hoped for CHF 3.7 million.

As for this season, the Lakers increased their budget for personnel costs by CHF 1.3 million to about CHF 11 million. Most of that will be used for the first team.

( 31 July 2019 | mso*ech)