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As Jean-Jacques Schilt, president of the Centre Sportif de Malley, confirms, the Vaudoise Arena will be ready on September 24.

The Vaudoise Arena will be ready for LHC.
Lausanne HC

"We are now sure that we will be able to open for Lausanne HC's first game on September 24 this year," Jean-Jacques Schilt says in an interview with RTS. They plan to hand over the keys on September 20. Therefore, also LHC's game against the Philadelphia Flyers on September 30 is definitely going to take place at the Vaudoise Arena.

Due to the delay of the construction works, the European premiere of the Cirque du Soleil, which was planned from September 19 to 21 already had to be cancelled. According to a report from 24 heures in April, the delay and the cancellation fo the Cirque du Soleil could cost Lausanne HC about CHF 300,000.

Interview with Jean-Jacques Schilt
( 24 May 2019 | tme )
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