National Hockey League

NHL - As reports, Simon Moser has turned the qualifying offer down that the Nashville Predators issued to the former SCL Tigers player, mostly due to financial reasons.

Photo Fanny schertzer

The 25-year-old forward has only received an offer for the league's minimum salary, meaning $ 605'000 per season, if he plays in the NHL. However, if he will stay with their farmteam, the Milwaukee Admirals, next season, he would only make $ 70'000 a year and this is without tax deduction.

Moser could earn a higher salary in Switzerland easily, but the question remains, what the Swiss International sees as his next step. As a Restricted Free Agent, he has the right to go to arbitration, meaning him and the team both propose a salary for the upcoming season and then argue their cases in a hearing.

However, teams usually try to avoid to go to arbitration, as it usually puts a strain on the player-team relationship, but if Moser wants to persue this option, he can do so until July 5.