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NLB/NLA - From now on, not only the Champion of the first league is allowed to get promoted to the National League B but also other clubs from the Regio League or teams that access the NLB as farm-teams of an NLA-team.

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With theses decisions, the clubs of the National Leagues try to pave the way for the NLB to include more than just the current nine teams. Additionally to the easier access to the NLB, there will be no relegation in the second highest Swiss league until 2019.

According to the Aargauer Zeitung, SC Herisau could be the one team to benefit from these new conditions. They already have submitted a request to join the National League B as of next season.

In addition to the aforementioned changes, the clubs also have decided that as of next season three players older than 23 years are allowed to play in a game via a B-license. (tme)