Swiss National Team

Yesterday, the new CEO of the SIHF, Florian Kohler, informed about the strategic goals for the new season: To win an olympic medal in Sochi and/or at the World Championship 2014.

Photo: SIHF

With this goal, he took head coach Sean Simpson by surprise: "It is nice to dream of a medal. But I am the coach and my goal is to reach the quarterfinals. This is the most difficult task. If this works out, then anything is possible. But we have to stay down to earth. Our job is getting harder", Simpson said in an interview with "Blick".

Marc Furrer, head of the federation, said that this was a strategic goal since Philippe Gaydoul was CEO, "and strategic goals don't change every year". Nevertheless he acknowledges: "We don't expect winning a medal in Sochi or at the World Championships - that would be arrogant and unrealistic. But a medal has to be the goal."