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As Wes Gilbertson, the Flames' beat reporter for the Calgary Sun, wrote on Twitter and the Calgary Flames confirmed, Reto Berra is going to start tonight against the Chicago Blackhawks.

Photo: Simon Bohnenblust

"We're not saying yes, we're not saying no", the Flames' head coach Bob Hartley showed himself reluctant to give anything away yesterday in an interview with the Calgary Sun, "I'm going to sit with my partners, either on the plane or tonight, and we're going to decide what's best."

Now, Hartley and his staff decided that Berra as starting goalie is the best solution for the Flames against the defending Stanley Cup champion, the Chicago Blackhawks, tonight. As Wes Anderson reported and the Flames confirmed, Berra is going to start against a very potent offensive including superstars such as Patrick Kane, Marian Hossa or Jonathan Toews.

Hartley is convinced of Berra's qualities: "It's his size, the way that he moves - he has unbelievably quick legs", Hartley gets carried away to return to reality right away when he says: "But, again, it's going to be a new challenge for him."

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