National League

NLA - HC Fribourg-Gottéron is not only fighting for a playoff spot at the moment, but they also have to deal with a lot of injuries within their roster. Head coach Gerd Zenhäusern is busy finding a solution, as Le Matin reports.

Photo Swiss Hockey News

"We are looking for alternatives, mainly in the NLB, as the NLA-teams, which either have a busy schedule or injured players themselves, are not really comfortable to loan us their players. At the moment, we are busy making phone calls in order to find a solution," Zenhäusern says.

For now, they will continue to play Anthony Huguenin and Maxime Montandon out of position, at least for the game against the Kloten Flyers tomorrow. With the injuries of Christian Dubé, Tristan Vauclair, Martin Ness, Nathan Marchon, Andreï Bykov, Thibaut Monnet and Benjamin Plüss that is a necessary measure.

However, at least Benjamin Plüss' recovery timeline got moved up a bit. Originally projected to be out for six weeks, the captain of the Dragons should make his return next week, according to Zenhäusern. As for Vauclair and Dubé, it is not yet known how long they will be out of the lineup.