National League

NLA - As Lausanne HC informs, they have extended the contracts of Juha-Pekka Hytönen, Simon Fischer, Joël Genazzi, and Etienne Froidevaux. This is unusual for the club, as they normally only talk about contracts at the end of a season.

Photo Lausanne HC

Just this morning, an interview was published with Juha-Pekka Hytönen (photo) in the 24 heures, in which he said that he is not allowed to speak about contract-related matters due to his club's policy. Now, they seem to have changed that policy quite abruptly.

As Lausanne HC informs, Hytönen as well as Simon Fischer both have signed new one-year deals and thus stay until 2016. Joël Genazzi, on the other hand, has extended his contract for another two years (until 2017) and Etienne Froidevaux for another three years (until 2018).

"It is obviously a great satisfaction for us to be able to extend these contracts and thus keep the backbone of our team," LHC's team manager Jan Alston says. "These are four important players in key positions within the team. These extensions allow us to work calmly and with continuity - and that's great news for the team."