National League

NLA - Andreas Ambühl seems to have decided to leave EHC Biel's organisation and join his former team HC Davos again, as one can read in yesterday's Journal de Jura.


The 18-year-old forward joined EHC Biel's organisation in the middle of last year and he just completed his first full season with EHCB's U20-team. He was the leading scorer of the team, posting a record of 40 points in 48 games.

Even though Ambühl played two games for EHCB in the relegation, he has yet to make his National League A debut in the regular season. In order for that to happen, he wanted the managers of EHCB to guarantee him a full season with the NLA team a demand the Seelanders were not willing to give in to.

Ambühl thus has apparently decided to turn his back on EHC Biel and rejoin the team, he had only left a year before. As for his contract length, nothing is clear as of yet.