National League

NLA - The League has initiated proceedings against EHC Biel’s Ahren Spylo and has provisionally suspended the Canadian forward for tomorrow's game in Rapperswil due to checking to the head of Rapperswil-Jona Lakers’ Stefan Hürlimann in game three of the playout final series.

Photo EHC Biel

The charge undoubtedly violated IIHF Rule 540 (checking to head and neck area) and has to be qualified as an injury threatening act according to IIHF Rule 527 (Excessive Roughness).

Therefore, Spylo will surely miss the upcoming game on Tuesday and the single judge now examines if the Canadian forward will have to sit out any more games afterwards.

As Journal du Jura journalist Laurent Kleisl reports on Twitter and following today's practice, the Seelanders are expected to count on foreigners Beaudoin, Bourque, Kelly and Bell in tomorrow's game four at the Diners Club Arena in Rapperswil.