Medical Report

mt_ignoreGood news for HC Fribourg-Gottéron: According to a Tweet by Patricia Morand (La Liberté), Greg Mauldin, Benjamin Plüss and Marc-Antoine Pouliot are all fully practicing again with the team.

Furthermore, also Flavio Schmutz and Michaël Loichat are in training. However, both are still participating with non-contact jerseys. All five players are recovering from concussions.

Forward Martin Réway, on the other hand, was absent from today's practice, reports Freiburger Nachrichten journalist Frank Stettler on Twitter. (lcu)

UPDATE According to Franz Stettler (Freiburger Nachrichten) Greg Mauldin will be making his comeback tomorrow and Marc-Antoine Pouliot might as well. A return of Benjamin Plüss, on the other hand, is unlikely as he has been suffering from headaches after practice. Also questionable are Sebastian Schilt and Martin Réway. - 10 December 2015, 11:39 AM