Medical Report

MEDICAL REPORT - According to L'Impartial, Francis Verreault-Paul has partially recovered from his foot and knee injury and might thus return to the ice tonight against HC La Chaux-de-Fonds.

However, Stanislav Horansky is still sick and is therefore questionable for tonight.

In other news, Benoît Mondou, who has been out with a concussion for the last three months, was finally able to join his team for a twenty minute practice session, after he had been skating on his own for the last two weeks: "Everything went well. I did not feel any concussion symptoms. This is a good step. I still need time, before I can see myself playing again. However, if it is possible to return before the end of the season, why not?" (mso)

UPDATE HC Ajoie informs that they will indeed be able to count on Verreault-Paul again as well as Auguste Impose (B-license). Rolf Portmann will be out for a week with an upper body injury, whereas Matthieu Tanner and Thomas Beauregard are going to be healthy scratches. - 20 January 2014, 12:41 PM