Medical Report

MEDICAL REPORT - In yesterday's game against HC Davos, also HC Fribourg-Gottéron's Tristan Vauclair suffered a knee-injury and is out indefinitely. Thibaut Monnet, however, seems to be ready to return soon.

As Radio Fribourg reports, both Thibaut Monnet and Beni Plüss are able to return to the ice soon. In Monnet's case this is a relief, after first reports indicated that he might be out for a longer time.

In addition, journalist Frank Stettler (Freiburger Nachrichten) informs that also Nathan Marchon - a possible replacement for one of the seven injured forwards (Jeannin, Plüss, Bykov, Ness, Monnet, Dubé, Vauclair) - is injured and cannot step in.