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c_147_147_16777215_00_images_content-images_G_gilbertt_bradjones_0910.jpgThe 30yr-old American defender Tom Gilbert is thinking about playing in Switzerland in the upcoming season, as Jim Matheson of the "Edmonton Journal" recently reported.

Photo: Brad Jones

After being bought out by the Minnesota Wild at the beginning of March this year, Gilbert has been trying to land another job in the NHL. But, things have not gone so well on that front and his interests seem to have moved towards Europe now.

The 30yr-old defender, who is described as a puck-moving offensive-defenseman, has spent seven seasons in the NHL, mostly with the Edmonton Oilers (2007-2012), before he finished last season with the Minnesota Wild. In 452 games he scored a total of 41 goals and 140 assists.



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